Install Tanglu 4.0 INSTALL FAILED
The installation of the tangle 4 is impossible to 3 ntb with a different HW. One is always about GRUB failed, / calamares /, or there is no dialogue in text mode to create a user.
Today I tried it on another different HW, / every time there is a clean disk before installing /. Installation is not possible.
The Kubuntu 14.04.5,16.04.5,Debian 9,Chakra,- work on these machines without any problem. It's a shame, distro I liked in live mode, speed, stability, but without installation is useless.

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Same issue. Can't even get started.No way to create users during text mode install.
From within GUI installer (live CD) installation program always gives error and can't complete the installation.

Pretty much useless distribution! Wasted couple of hours.