I read in the Tanglu blog that the release of Tanglu 4 will be in February or March. For the KDE flavour I think this is a good thing.
When you had released on time there would have been plasma 5.4 in Tanglu 4 and as a result Tanglu would have been walking half a year behind. That would happen again when you release the version 5 in. I think it would be only practical to to release the fifth version six months after de fourth and so on. Then that version can feature plasma 5.6.
But WILL Tanglu 4 feature plasma 5.5? I really hope so!

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We will have a discussion about release dates & feature-sets soon, I can say more about it then.
But there are ideas to go for a longer release cycle for Tanglu 4 (maybe release in mid-April), that would definitely mean we will have the latest Plasma and maybe even the latest GNOME (and also a lot more work on the installer and EFI done).
But that needs some evaluation :)
Tanglu 4 currently already contains Plasma 5.4.3.


Thank you for the answer. Keep up the good work!
I will look from time to time if there are developments.

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iso date 1-20 looK


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T4 will ship with Plasma 5.8 :-)


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