Have used Tanglu since T1; currently use T3 with MATE daily.
Have just installed T4-G in a partition to test. Installer is slow getting from 25 to 28% complete, then jumps to 45%, then within 5mins it's done. Initial look-around suggests things work as expected. Especially like the localisation - first time in my recall that setting the timezone (Australia AEST) flowed through to other settings ... well done ! Haven't checked in detail whether it's flowed to LibreOffice.
Settings says monitor isn't recognised, but image and operation on-screen is OK.
Not sure how to set date format in on-screen clock; right-click did nothing, same with Settings item.
Biggest issue in this first look is inability to add a new user. Unlock requires the administrator password, but this is not accepted. The same password is OK for login and for resumption from screen lock.